How can I add character controllers to my player

How do I add the new character controllers to my player?

No clue on how to start. The documentation:

only works for models.

I want to adjust my character’s turn speed.

Script I tried:

--Give Character Controller local Controller ="ControllerManager") Controller.Parent = Character Controller.BaseTurnSpeed = 2

I’m able to turn this box really fast, and I don’t want to.

Yeah, are you sure you are calling the Players service, iterating through all the players, and then finding the character that has the controller enabled? Because you have to make sure you don’t change this for anyone playing, ONLY characters who are using the controller.

What? This is a local script inside StarterCharacterScripts. This is my roblox guy using the controller, not a character.

ControllerManager if you read the docs, is attached to the character model, you need to learn how to call this and change THAT. Your code doesn’t actually change anything or do anything.

Dude chill stop being so rude and unhelpful, and besides I already figured out how to do it, I added the example scripts from here: Releasing Character Physics Controllers

Its funny because that post does what I told you to do… :man_facepalming:

No, my problem was I had no clue where to start with adding a character controller to my player. The script I added was an attempt I made to add it. You gave me two answers that were completely irrelevant and assumed I already had the controller working.

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