How can i "Box" this value

So i have this “ServerObject” value, that i wish i create more of, just like how you would with and that sorta stuff.
Instead, the object that it returns is the base itselve. meaning that chaning one changes all of them.
I change one of them in an array of multiple of them → refers back to the original → it changes all of them.

So how can i make this work, so it only changes one?

ServerObject.New = function(Players,Rating,Owner,Number)
	local this = ServerObject
	this.Players = Players
	this.Rating = Rating
	this.Owner = Owner
	this.Number = Number
	return this

	game.ReplicatedStorage.Servers.Value += 1
	local A =  game.ReplicatedStorage.Servers.Value --ServerCount
	local ServerObj = ServerObject.New({Player,nil,nil,nil},0,Player,A)

It seems like you are trying to use OOP. Here’s a very good community tutorial written on the subject.

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