How Can I Change The Defualt Walk And Run Animation?

This Is My Second Post Of The Day, Yeah I’m Still Learning.

Anyways I Want To Change The Default Run And Walk Animation With My Animations But I Have No Idea How.

Many People Use This Set Of Code But It Gives Me The Error Of Animation Failed To Load.

		char.Animate.walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://5746019022" = "rbxassetid://5746019022"

I Hope Someone Could Help Me :smiley:


Hey, heres how i do it for my game.

Take this model for the forum post - Roblox

and put it in StarterPlayer > StarterPlayerScripts

then open the script and change the walk and run id’s (the 3rd and 4th url you see in the script)

once you have put your ids there (and use the full links in the script just change the end numbers) then go to the children of the local script and change “run” and “walk”'s children to have the correct id’s. then run your game.

any problems just reply

this makes roblox replace the animate script inside your character with the new one i gave you (its the exact same script and children but it wil have your IDs)

oh and btw this is for r15 but i have an r6 version if you need it. :slight_smile:

Read this.

It’s Not Public I Cannot Buy It

The model is not on sale :grinning:(mind fixing it)

ahh sorry u guys! I’ve updated it now :sweat_smile::joy:

Can I have the R6 version please?

probably not since its 3 years later