How can I delete data for user ID using Datastore2?

So I got message from Roblox that I need to delete data for some user. Now I don’t know how to do that since I never deleted any data from datastores yet. I am using Datastore2.

So I have used Datastore editor, and it says that there is no data, but I might be entering wrong name for datastore. Is DATA/[userid] the correct name for the datastore?


local DataStore2 = require(1936396537)
DataStore2.Combine("DATA", "InGameCurrency")
	local InGameCurrency = DataStore2("InGameCurrency", Player)

If it’s not then what’s the correct name?

This should help :wink:!

  1. Enter your datakey/userid
    select useordereddatastore and connect

  2. Sort it to the highest number

3.Unselect ordereddatastore and connect again and put into the (userid finder) the highest number and thats it!


Thanks. So if there is no numbers in ordered datastore mode then it means that there is no data for that user?

Yes exactly if there isnt any number in ordereddatastore it means that player has no data!

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