How can I detect collisions by CFrame overlap?

To quote the Creator Documentation on detecting collisions, Touched events
“only fire as a result of physical simulation and will not fire when the part’s Position or CFrame is explicitly set such that it overlaps another part”.

The latter of this statement, however, is how I NEED the detection to work.

Is there any way to detect a touch/collision by CFrame location even if both of the parts in question are staying still? (For context, one of them has CanCollide turned off.)

Have you looked at this API?

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You could try messing around with Region3 it has the ability to detect if another object is within it. I would also recommend taking a look at the API that @Daw588 left a link to.
Nevermind, it turns out Region3 is deprecated. You could instead use Overlap params with I believe is what was linked above:

I’ll look into that resource further, thanks for linking it.

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