How can I disable the W and S key?

What? What do you mean?

How can I make it so that the player cannot use the W or S key for walking?

Why would you want to do that? Noobs won’t be able to use WASD or Arrow Keys for walking.

I’m making a 2D-camerad fighting game like SSB.

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You can set the character’s walkspeed to 0 and basically disable WASD altogether, then make a localscript in StarterCharacterScripts that moves when you press S or D.

It seems this post solved this for you :smile:

youtube and google exist man, i mean not to be rude but just like check there before posting on the devforum

just lock the player position and rotation on an axis

or mod the script for it tht works also

or use move service stuff i think that works also

Not sure why this hasn’t been marked as a solution, this works perfectly!


Sinking the Forward and Backward Movement would most likely be more efficient.