How can I force the player to sit down

Hello, so I have a problem how can I teleport all the players to their own chair at a table and force them to sit where they cant get up here is the table:

All I want to do is force sit the players at their own table


Use char:MoveTo() to move it to the seat and make it’s jumpheight 0 so it can’t unsit.


Alright thanks for this fast respons I will try it.

No problem! Lemme know if it works.

Ok doesn’t MoveTo() make the player walk to the part?

No. That’s Humanoid:MoveTo() if moveto is used on a model it teleports.

There’s a “Sit” boolean in the humanoid, just set it to true.

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I get the error unable to cast instance to vector3?

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Wait I think Its because I used


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Yeah. xD. You needa use the position instead of the instance.

There is a function in the seat which is Seat:Sit(humanoid). That might be what you’re looking for.

To prevent them from jumping, set their jumppower ( or meter ) to 0.


Best answer. Sit was made for forcing Humanoids to sit in the specified seat.

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I used your method and I think it works somewhat well this is what it looks like so far thanks!

Thanks! Glad I could solve the problem! :smiley:

Hey actually do you know how I can detect if a seat is occupied by another player

Well a simple way would be to go through each player and see if the magnitude is less than 5 or something.

Actually I think I made a system thanks!

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Wait no. Use seat.Occupant.
If it is nil, no one is sitting there

Is that an actual property I didnt know that was one