How can I improve my game?

Also I suggest making the thumbnail with the headless guy the first thumbnail you see, it looks better (no offense to the guy who made the other one) and people might want to play when seeing it.

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You can obliterate rocks instantly. Add a click debounce?

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Add a softshutdown system so you dont need to kick people each update because if random players that are kicked and they have joined for the first time chaces for them to rejoin is low

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The game is absolutely adorable and cute when you first join the game! However, once you get past all that the gameplay gets rather stale quickly. I personally would add more visual and audio stimuli to help make the mundane task of clicking rocks more entertaining.


Very good game, but the colors of the map are odd. The style of the UI and map don’t really match. I think one of the main reasons is that the NPC (Bob) starts talking to you instantly. I don’t think players would notice that.


You could add various tasks throughout the gameplay that appear in intervals, that way there would be an additional aspect of the game that will keep players captivated for longer periods at a time. Maybe something like additional rewards or features players can unlock.

Also, I’m not sure of the contrast of the cartoony buildings and the more detailed terrain really works as it slightly throws off the vibe of the game which is supposed to be nooby, but the terrain is quite detailed.

For the tutorial you could add a datastore to check when players complete the tutorial and to prevent it from appearing again when they rejoin, unless you have already done that.

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Design wise it’s a bit of an eyesore as it’s too saturated, the UI could definitely use a different green, I also think you should decrease the saturation and increase the brightness by a bit, and for the map the houses and characters need to be bigger and more unique, their shirts are barely visible and the houses kind of don’t make sense for their purposes, the rest of the map really lacks things like bushes and more trees.

Game play wise it’s a bit confusing, because after the quest about ants it stopped working, I completed it but wasn’t given anymore quests, and the ants kept flinging me, I really don’t know how any of this could be fixed as I have no coding experience but it’d be great to look into it, honestly the game was quite entertaining even though I don’t like simulators, but in the long run you will need more to your game, but obviously it’s still in early development and for it’s current stage it’s really good!

And no there were no lag issues, my PC is rather bad but it handled the game perfectly on full graphics, and I didn’t see the need for other players to be playing it for it to be enjoyable, but it does help.


Another thing is a little intro before jumping into the game would help a little, and instead of instantly jumping into the game, you could use a little visual guide ( like a bouncing arrow ) on top of the quest person’s head, so you can take the game a bit slowly.


Make the game fun and worth playing.

Make it entertaining and “addicting”.

Also, make it easy enough to play for people, so they want to stay and play the game.


I changed the game a lot so I’m looking for feedback on its current state.

Hi, Hello. I spent around 35 minutes playing your game and I must say that I quite enjoy the aesthetic and the bright colors it has. It’s very much giving me Windows background but in a VERY POSITIVE way.

Although it’s still in testing period, the map indeed feels very empty and way too big.
For the time spent playing, there wasn’t much going on. Everything was repetitive and unlocking new areas and things takes too much time.

Also the water on some of the ponds feels very blocky(?) compared to the terrain and it kind of bugs me.

(Also I’m not sure if the underwater tunnel, that leads under the map, has any specific function but it will be very cool if it’s made into a VIP zone somehow.

Other than this, my opinion is pretty much the same as what the others have said. The game is still in testing and has a potential if managed right. Keep the good work! :slight_smile:


this criticisms a little bit nitpicky, and just my opinion. I’ll also be keeping in mind your target audience is kids

so first of all, I love the scripting. The new unlock ui, the tutorial, the spawn for convenience, i really like it
that being said lets move onto looks

The high saturation is fine, just in mind it may not be appealing to people slightly older.
You should connect the waterfall to the pond just to make it look a bit better, and have a pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall (I’d use this plugin for making the waterfall)

The rocks and trees look out of place and inconsistent, I’d go for something thats more lowpoly (probably like this)

Image Source: Low Poly Trees | 3D Warehouse

You also should make the audience feel more immersed in the game by adding in more “relevant mile stones.” The first thing I would do is add a popup when they can buy an upgrade. Something like “You can upgrade to _____ now! go to the shop now!”

I would also make a visible backpack of sorts, (somewhat immoral, but starting with something small to make the audience resentful of what they have at the moment could help?) and have it change appearances and name during upgrades. Afterall, hitting a upgrade that just appears as numbers isn’t as gratifying as say, getting a new shiny golden backpack that ALSO changes your numbers.

(This is kind of immoral and lazy, but you could probably get away with making 10 meshes or something, and make 12 different retexutres of each, so like rusty, illumina, metal, etc, to have tons of variants for relatively little effort.)

and I already discussed the loot crate concept in your game, (but maybe don’t add trading, sure you’ll get more players but we don’t need scammers in a game for small children)

well good luck, I mean it.
Hope you found this helpful