How can I improve my lobby?

I made a lobby for my game and I feel like it’s lackluster.
It isn’t super complex, there’s a vendor, an empty leaderboard, billboards for gamepasses, a map voting area, and a few signs advertising other stuff as well as empty houses in the background. The billboards/signs are empty at the moment since scripting is required to fill them up with the proper objects. The lobby is pretty generic and I’m not that great at building which makes it worse.


It’s my first time creating a topic here, so the formatting might be a bit weird.

Any tips on how I could improve my lobby?


Looks great, making it bigger might make it look a bit better, also add more props/details
Also, once you make it bigger, add some trees, etc, that should make a small improvement (just my opinion)


I’d make it a bit bigger and turned most of the material to smooth plastic. After that, I’d play a bit with lighting to make it look a tad cartoony.


You could probably do something with that font. Make the font related to the theme of the map? For example, scary, a red script, or something like that.


It looks like a good starting point.
You’ve got some nice houses, some crates, etc but I think you could add a lot more into the map to make it look slightly better.

I’m going to use the lobby used in Murder Mystery 2 by @Nikilis as I believe for it to be a great example of a lobby, and similar to your current product. In fact, it was what I first thought of looking at your screenshots.

What To Add/Improve:
First of all, I think some good vegetation is missing. The vegetation within MM2 is quite simple and maybe a tad little bit bland, but some nice trees or bushes hanging from windows would be a good idea. Play around with different types of trees and leaves too. You may also decide you want to use a ParticleEmitter to create the illusion of leaves falling onto the ground.


You have nothing interesting within your square happening, again, some nice benches or a seating area would look good, but the best suggestion in my opinion would be to have a main centrepiece, such as a statue or a fountain. Move your leaderboards and such over to where your marketplaces are. In fact, maybe you could have a market stall happening within your area. An example of a french market could help you out with that!

Also, I think you could vary up your different types of buildings massively. You don’t need to change the materials, it’s about how you use different materials together. For example, this gate goes nicely against the rest of the buildings in the map. Also, some fences shown here would definitely be good, in order to protect the vast green spaces that you have.

Some hanging lights, flags, emblems, anything that you could think of that could be connected by the roofs and windowsills of houses definitely makes the map more interesting. Also, I would have the certain market areas connect to each other with a path, similar to this Cobblestone one.


I would also 100% address the lighting in your map too, this thread here talks a little more about lighting and some of the various improvements you can make. It helped me understand more about lighting and how I could be even more creative with it. Just don’t change the lighting too vastly as it may interfere with certain maps or anything else within your game excluding the lobby.

Cartoon lighting Critique/Review by @PurpSinister

I hope you enjoyed the feedback, this was mostly on things you could add, as I found it to be quite empty. I would also look at changing up the material to SmoothPlastic in some areas, but I do find low-poly to sometimes be a bit overused. Just be careful with the Brick material and don’t overuse it. Have that perfect balance in colour and material.


Yeah my lobby was slightly based off the MM2 one, since I really liked the MM2 lobby. I will be playing around with lighting more in the future and adding more stuff to my lobby.
Thanks, your feedback was very helpful!

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No problem!
You should show us the results after you’ve implemented the feedback we’ve provided you. It’d be good to see what has been added, changed and removed! :+1:t2:

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Center this.


Overall add more decoration like grass and other details. Polish other mistakes. :+1:

I feel like its pretty good but, there is not enough detail in the lobby, the style seems very odd because of the textures used, and I feel like there should be more diversity. You could have some of the buildings taller than the other and not have all the windows be identical.

It seems fine! But, it lacks a little bit of detail! Just add a tiny bit more!