How can i improve my lobby?

Question 1 : How can i improve my lobby?

Question 2 : What should i do to improve it?

Question 3 : What is the best way to do it?

These are my three questions pls answer them in the comments. Btw the lobby is for this game :


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isnt it the lobby for a obby at which you already have made a topic?

Its a very well done but standard ooby - you want to try and create obstacles people havent played before… So maybe some mroe complex physics objects, like jump pads or crushers or swinging axes or something


Ok. I will do my best :smile: Have a nice day

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This looks really basic. Make it as if its a small hut, sorta type place, walls most of it is glass with frames, maybe adding some animation rig saying Welcome(or with a sign written as that would be better)

This needs major improvements, wish you good luck!!

okay so, the first thing i noticed were the colors. red and cyan don’t really fit well with each other. if you want to change the colors into something else, it depends what feeling you want to give the obby. is it silly? is it classic? colors always depend on what you want your players to feel. other than that the build looks decent, great job.

Try to combine and change the material, it looks a little strange and doesn’t match.

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Thx for your feedback i appreciate it.


The obby will need some improvements:

1. Lighting&Themes
Lower the saturation a little bit, you don’t want it to be too saturated but some saturation will attract more kids. One important thing missing is a theme. Themes makes the game more clear and what it’s about. It also appeals to some people. If the people like horror games you make a horror game. Whatever you want to appeal to any people or for a theme you need a color palette like what Dev_Carlitox said.
Here is a a link to learn more about lighting: Lighting | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

2. Details
There’s not much special details. All good obbies have a theme to them. For example, like PlatinumFalls. His/her obbies has a theme to their obbies, has a engaging thumbnails, and a video. All of his/her thumbnails has a reaction to it. The reactions attract a lot of visitors so therefore he/she got a lot of visits.

3. Game Passes/Purchasables
You need a way to sell your game items. This is a way of earning money. Game Passes make the game more like a game.

Here is a link to one of their games, check it out and learn from them:

I’m still uploading the game icon and i will try to make thumbnails but sadly i can’t do a vid bc i don’t have 500 robux.

You don’t have to do a video, if the thumbnail looks good then you don’t have to.

One of the flaws in your lobby, is that it could use more detail.
I also do not think that cyan and the red go well together.

I would highly suggest that you tweak the colors, and add implement more details.

Question 1 and Question 2 are the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have nothing else to say :laughing:

That’s actually a weird but cool rhyme i think u will be a rapper.

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