How can i know if a player is playing from a mobile?

i wanna know how to know if a player is playing from a mobile without using TouchEnabled property of UIS. is there a way? ty y’all!


This is a pretty good, you can tell which type(tablet, phone, etc…). You can also use lastinputtype, but it only detects input, so you can change a certain ui based on which thing the player is inputting from.
For example, you have a ui that tells you the controls of the game, but if a player starts using another input device, you can switch it out to correspond to whatever the player is using.

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If i am correct the only way to know if a player is playing on mobile is by using UserInputService.TouchEnabled since it detects if a player current device has a touch screen avaliable.

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It’s not the only way, but it is indeed one way. You can also check if they’re using a physic keyboard (also with UserInputService but I forgot the property name)

This is a bit much but it probably will work. It’s just not the most practical

You could add a selection screen for your device on your game.

You could use UserInputService to check if player is on mobile or on pc etc.