How can I make a Command open Frame?

Greetings, I’m searching from month about easy way on how to make a Command makes a Frame Visible!
I’ve tried many topics but nothing helped me, Can someone please help me?

By “command” you mean when the player types something in the chat? If so, then you can make a server script, add a chatted event and then if the player says a certain command, call a remote event from the server to the client, and then on the client make the frame visible when the remote event was called.

I’m still beginner.

30 characters is annoying.

I would recommend checking this out if you are looking to make a chat command to make a frame visible.

I saw this topic but it didn’t helped me, I just need a way way on how to make a command by using a small script.

Have you tried doing what ProxySystems said?

No, I’ll try It now! Thank you.

Read these pages and you will learn how to do this :smile:

Normal server script on ServerScriptService

local rep = game.ReplicatedStorage
		if msg == "specific command" then
				rep.Open:FireClient(plr) -- added userid by accident here

local script in the players startergui

local rep = game.ReplicatedStorage
local plrs = game:GetService("Players")
local plr = plrs.LocalPlayer
local event = rep:WaitForChild("Open")
	script.Parent.toBeOpened.Visible = true



Works, Thank you so much! :sparkling_heart:

Hi, I have a question!! :thinking:

Yes, what would your question be?

How can I make only Group Ranks can run the command?

I have opened a PM, because this will get taken down as “offtopic” and I will further assist you there