How can I make a permissions script for a house

Hello pals, I am developing a game and it includes houses, So I wanted to include a gui menu with skill of banning people from their home something like the script used in rocitizens i really need help with this.

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Hey! Welcome to the community. I see this is your first time posting on the forum so it’s always good to see new faces!

However, in general, it’s very unorthodox of users to just openly program that for you. Many people here will take time out of their day to help people out with existing scripts or bugs that they can’t get their head around, but they are very unlikely to code an entire script for you. You’ve got to meet us half way.

So, I’ll propose this. Start programming this feature, and if you come into any bugs on the way, you can make a thread in this section. Alternatively, if you need someone to review your code (not code it entirely for you.), feel free to use the #help-and-feedback:code-review thread as I’m sure people will help you out!

I hope you sort this out!


I’m not gonna repeat what was said before me, but I will provide a start.

In this situation, you need to code a data storage system to save banned players, which will be saved as a table of player ids.

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Hello! Welcome to the community, i like to see new people :slight_smile:

btw, do you have a script already made? If not, then don’t make posts where you are asking scripts.

Well, but you can achieve this by creating datastores, and save a table which contains the players with permisions. If you require further assistance and help, ask here, i will not critique you :+1: