How can I make AlignPosition and AlignOrientation have a constant speed?

Constraints don’t have constant speed. I’ve been trying many ways to make them have a constant speed. What I mean by constant speed is that the speed is always the same no matter the fps.

I’ve made a tower defense game and used align position to make enemy move and when the game lags the enemies all slow down making it unfair. I tried to use DeltaTime but they don’t work on constraints.

I need to know how I can apply a constant speed on constraints. Tweening would be able to solve this issue however, there is a lot of lag when tween is made on server and I can’t tween on the client because it will be out of sync with other clients.

Tower Defense Simulator also had the same exact bug where all the enemies would slow down if it lagged because they used constraints.

Can someone please tell me how I can make AlignPosition have constant speed same with AlignOrientation so I can make my Tower Defense game more fair.

I believe it will be easier to solve this issue with tweening on the server and sync issues with client, because it has already been done for the client using os.time() to sync it.

Perhaps you should try it out.

I’ve already tried that. The person that made tweenserviceV2 advised that it’s not recommended to use the module for multiple parts since it will go out of sync. It also looked a bit delayed when I tried putting it in my game. There is also no way I can put tweens on server because it looks really ugly as server is only 30hz which is pretty slow and it still causes lag.

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