How Can I Make Coins Spawn In Different Places?

Hello! I am making a game and I have having troubles on making my Coins spawn in different locations than the one that is placed.

I have tried all sort of videos they all do not seem to work, Is there any models that I could use and ect? I have been looking for honestly hours now. I really just need a model that can do it, or if there is a script. Thanks!

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Hey I remember seeing a dev forum post a while back about this but I can’t seem to find it.
Lucky for you I saved a file of it.
CoinCollectorCompleted.rbxl (21.6 KB)

This is just for the spawning and not the Coins leaderstats implemented too.

Also, this is Code Review where you have a code and you need somebody to improve it for you or ask if it’s efficient enough.
This post should have been in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support
As for your post does not have any information on your attempted code or what you currently have that does not work. Asking for scripts is not permitted as it will not teach you much. If you look at #resources:community-tutorials they supply you with information instead of just giving out the code, but yet again it’s all voluntary on the person replying.

Just make sure you follow guidelines so you don’t get flagged.

Edit: I haven’t found the post but I have found Zone+ from @ForeverHD

I would highly suggest using that since it could be used multiple ways in your game and would save you time. But it’s up to you.

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Thank you very much! I hope this can help, I do understand that its not allowed im just very fustraded of I cant find anything. I hope this works!

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Hello! Do you know a way I can change the value of the coin?

How much coins it gives?? That’s up to you to figure out, there must be somewhere in the code where it indicates it clearly where it’s adding to the user’s leaderstats.
It’s been a while I haven’t checked that file so I don’t remember.

Another thing, this topic is solved and adding countless replys to it just bumps it which we do not want that. So add me on discord and I will gladly assist you.
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