How can i make futuristic builds in roblox studio/blender?

Hi, I am Tobi. I am trying to learn how to build futuristic buildings. However, when I look up “futuristic building”, I see a lot of complicated structures with the most advanced architecture I’ve ever seen. I would like to learn how to build buildings that bend in a way that suits this style:

The problem is that i have alot of trouble with the bending structure and the incredible plants.

any solutions?
any guides?
Thank you for reading this.


What I think you can do in @Roblox Studio is using Unions, even thought it’s very hard, if you use Blender than IDK because I’m not good at it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey there, I know a few options you could try out.

Blender - Learning blender at first is difficult, but after some time it is a very useful tool, especially for curves like that.

Roblox Unions - I noticed someone already mentioned it, but you can also try modelling the curve parts with Unions.

Archimedes Roblox Plugin - There is a roblox studio plugin called “Archimedes” and i’m not too sure if you can make “3d curves” with it, but you can make “2d curves” with it. (3d curves being the ones that curve around a circular based building, and 2d curves being just a straight archway, or curves around a square-foundationed building.

My best bet is blender but it will take a little bit of time and such to learn it. (you dont have to learn it all, just some of the modelling aspects)

You can find lots of youtube videos on all of these online :slight_smile:


Archimedes like mentioned is a good roblox plugin that makes bends easy, here is its forum post it goes into detail Introducing Archimedes 3 - A building plugin?

There are lots of great tutorials on Youtube for blender, maybe not for architecture but im sure there are some, but if you don’t know Blender id suggest learning the basics, and keyboard short cuts etc, as that definitely helps.

I would suggest starting out with basic structures first then gradually experiment with other building techniques, if your kinda new to building, there also is videos on YouTube on build techniques. That said everyone has their oen build style, and ways on building.


Look up blender sci-fi hard surface modeling tutorial, that should be useful.


can you send a link to video? i can’t find any on yt

If you’re making sci-fi things, kitbashing is a great solution, although I’m not sure if there are free plugins for it. In any case: this is better suited to be made outside of Roblox, because Roblox has static verts


Here are some links:

Blender (Introduction to blender) ABSOLUTE Beginner Basics.. Blender For Noobs - YouTube
Blender (Curves) How to Use Curves in Blender (Tutorial) - YouTube

Roblox Studio Unions Intro Roblox Unions/Solid Modeling for Beginners! | How to Union in Roblox for Beginners Tutorial! - YouTube

Roblox Studio Archimedes Plugin (Shows how to use it and ways you can use it) HOW TO USE ARCHIMEDES IN ROBLOX STUDIO - YouTube

Hope some of these can work for you!


I wouldn’t suggest unions because unions can become very laggy in games and are very buggy.

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Then what should I do?(characters)