How can i make lightning effect?

I want to get better at CFrame because im really bad at it at the moment. So im trying to make a lightning effect to improve my self. How would i go make one? I would be appreciated if you explain it. Thanks.


What lighting effect? Could you explain more about your question?

Are you thinking of a CFramed lightning bolt that goes from a starting part to the ground or a Camera CFrame that makes it shake when lightning strikes?

So lightning is more of an exercise in Recursion CFrame is the easy part in this project, understanding the power of recursion is the more difficult thing to wrap your head around.

Here is a video that walks you through programming it in the 2D space. Should not be too hard to figure out how to apply it in 3D


Like a lightning that comes from sky. a thunder bolt you say i think?

the tutorial provided by VineyardVine is great but incase you are looking for something that’s more along the lines of point a to point b lightning, here’s another great post:


Thank you alot. That method helped alot. Saved positions between each part into a table then set them to a random offset. Connected parts between that positions. Also this lightning looks good and goes well to the point.