How can I make my audio public on the marketplace?

Hello, I am someone who wants to make their audio public, but I cannot figure out how.
I have tried doing it in the creator dashboard, but it only says it is disabled for now.
I have looked online and still nothing (Even from Roblox themselves.)

I see some people being able to upload audios on the marketplace, and I want to figure out how I can become one of those people.
Can anyone help? I would really like to make audio public so I can use them in games.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Click on the settings image on the uploaded audio and press configure, then under settings press Public and the audio will be available for the public.


If the button that says “Public” is disabled, you just need to wait for a while and then it will be enabled.

Thank you, however, When I try to go to the original audio upload area, it just redirects me to the new creator dashboard area. Is there a way to go to the white screen like you have in the picture?

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Ok so, in the Creator Dashboard, go to Development Items, click on Audio, there should be a configure button somewhere on the audio you have uploaded. Once you have found it click it, then press public.

I can’t actually see anything on my end because I haven’t uploaded anything if I am incorrect can you please send me a screenshot so I can help assist.

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I do hypothesize it is essentially the same type of thing in your picture, however just moved to the new creator dashboard, as everything on the picture you gave is on here aswell.

Another question, How long do I have to wait to make it public?

Can you click on the audio name displayed below? Right click or left clicking it?

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That’s what we are looking for!

Underneath “Experiences with Access”, click “Public - All Experiences”. If this button is disabled, all you have to do is wait until its enabled.

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Alright, thank you so much. How long do I have to wait?


I am not sure of the approximate time you’ll have to wait for it to open. According to a YouTube video I have seen, it says it will be available over time.

I recon it will be available within 24 hours but I could be wrong.


Thank you so much for providing this information!

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You can’t. Making audios public is disabled until Roblox themselves says otherwise since exactly one year ago.


Audios over 6 seconds will be set to private! I thought that audio update couldn’t possibly have gotten any worse than it already was.

EDIT: Everything I explained above is still possible it just has to meet the audio update requirements.


it’s been this way for a whole year chief it’s been as bad as it can get since then.

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