How can I make my game's hallways darker?

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I am having a problem with the lighting. As you can see, the hallways are not dark enough and easily show the animatronics (just morphs) and it doesn’t make it a fun experience. How can I fix this? Thank you! If you need more details I can try my best to answer!

The “Stable” is actually just some system I made with Roblox Lua and so have been the doors, cameras, tips etc.

Ignore these parts. My problem is the lighting.

The current lighting is coming from a part, find the part and the PointLight or the SurfaceLight and adjust its brightness or range from there.

I would use the Atmosphere object, and set Color to 0, 0, 0, and Haze to 10. Density can be set to however much you need.

Sadly this did not fix my issue, and yet there would be an even bigger problem, the outside. The pizzeria has its own map which is here:

If the atmosphere object was on with haze 10 and the rest asked so, it would look like this:

All lights are out already, I don’t have any PointLights or SurfaceLights on a brightness more than 0.

Try using the ColorCorrectionEffect in Lightning and set the brightness down to however low you need, you can also mess with other properties of ColorCorrectionEffect to make you game look good.

good luck!


set the OutdoorLighting or Ambient properties of the Lighting service to black or something, that could help

Finally, after so long, I found an answer to my problem. Thank you so much, you really helped out. I was really thinking about it since I had corrected lighting in one of my other FNaF games. Hope you try out my game! Thanks!

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I’ve done this already and it did not really help. It was still visible.

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Outdoor ambient changes shadow colours casted by the sun, while ambient changes the shadow colours in a room or something’s shadow not being casted by the sun

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actually, it changes the hue on outdoor areas but let’s not get off-topic and this post was already solved