How can I make the UICorner not delete itself from the frame when I click on it


Every time I click on my frame (with a UICorner in it) the UICorner just deletes itself from the frame and I have to redo it. Is there a fix?

Please show hierarchy of your GUI, because it isn’t doing this in my testing.

Also, make sure the Parent of the UICorner is Frame (or whatever the frame name is).

If you can show the properties of the UICorner too, this will help diagnose the issue.

Have you tried restarting studio also?

Screenshot 2022-06-24 085659

Screenshot 2022-06-24 085711

This used to happen to me aswell, but now for some reason it just stopped. I don’t know what I did lol.

Maybe a studio update resolved the issue.

This happens to me too. Try converting it into a image.

Try this solution posted here… seems you might be using a plugin for it that interferes:

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