How can I stop decals of a vehicle from getting messed up when a player sits in it

This is meant to be a bug report, but since my account can’t make forum posts about that, I decided to post it here. When a player sits in the vehicle seat of my vehicle, the decal orientation gets messed up. The problem no longer persists when the player leaves the vehicle seat.


Can you post a picture or video of this?


You shouldn’t post in another category because you can’t post in bug reports. That kind of ruins the purpose of this being a trial period. Instead,


Will appreciate if you post this in the bug report section

If you check the thread Firefaul linked, we have an official process for creating Bug Reports if you can’t create topics in the category. Use the link provided in rule 15.1 to PM the Post_Approval group and we can get a report posted for you in no time.


I believe this is because you parent the train to the character (if you do).


Yes I did. Is there a way to stop that even if the player is parent?

No, Roblox handles humanoid textures different than normal textures. You should probably avoid parenting the vehicle to the character.

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What about making the player child of the vehicle? Will the same thing happen?

I don’t think so because the train would not be a descendant of the character, which has a humanoid in it. Try it out and keep me posted.