How Can I Use A SpriteSheet To Create A GIF In-Game?

Hello Developers! I’m not that smart with scripting so I’m not sure how to do this. I have explored some articles about this but I haven’t really found an answer. Any help?

Script I Found

local imagewidth = 2256
local imageheight = 752
local rows = 4
local columns = 12
local spritewidth = imagewidth/columns
local spriteheight = imagewidth/rows

--This should be the relevant image label.
--The image label should be imagewidth * imageheight
--and embedded into a frame that is the size of one sprite
--the frame should have clips descendents on

local imagelabel= script.Parent

--Replace this with a relevant loop structure
while wait(1) do
	for row = 0, rows do
		for column = 0, columns do
			local offset =, spritewidth*column, 0, spriteheight*row)
			imagelabel.Position = offset
			--Some kind of delay goes here. If you're using a while loop a wait
			--is probably what you want
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Found The Answer | How make a Gif (on Gui) using spritsheet?