How can I weld hats to a player

I am not very advanced in this area and mainly rely of floor pickup stuff rather than doing this through a script, I am trying to get a hat to get cloned from a folder and then placed into the players character and then weld it to position but so far I tried everything and don’t understand how can I even position it in the right direction

Use Accessory.
When an accessory is parented to a character, it will “weld” it to the right spot.

You only need to parent the accessory to the character, the model of it, by using the accessory object to make it automatically weld to the character’s head.

Additional answer can be found here:

Unless you plan on non-accessory hats, it’s a complication of using constraints.

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What if I want it to be positioned in a certain way

If you want to change the grip of an accessory to the player then there are a couple of plugins you could use. One by pobammer, and one by ragingskull182. I have them both installed, I think they both work?

You can do two things for this.

  • Change the Accessory properties
  • Insert attachments in the accessory that matches an attachment name in one of the player’s limbs.

For re-positioning and adjustments, as previously mentioned above, adjust the attachment on the hat to the desired position. What an attachment is, is the green looking orb that you can find on the hats(and character) which are not usually seen in games. You can move it a little to change the relative position of the attachment and the mesh.

Unlike tool grips, the attachment will automatically position itself to the respective character’s attachment under the same name.

Do I use to insert the comparing attachment on the player

Scripting it is not necessary. You can manually change it by adding attachment to the accessory. The characters do not need them unless you have a complication of custom characters AND custom hats(not using Roblox default accessory).

Yes I have 1 attachment already present on the hat

Name it exactly the same name as the head’s attachment on a character and it would do the thing after parenting the accessory to the character. You should read in the other post I sent above for additional information around this.