How could I expand on this metatable

I have this metatable but currently it feels very barren and I feel like I could add more, this metatable by the way is used to handle economy for countries in my game. What else could I add to improve it

local gameObject = {}
gameObject.__index = gameObject
gameObject.Nations = game.Workspace.Nations

function gameObject:New()
	local baseTable = setmetatable({}, self)
	baseTable.__index = baseTable
	return baseTable
return gameObject


also this is some OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and we don’t use BaseTable we use self most of the functions, I recommend this topic which explains everything about OOP

My bad, and thank you let me go over that

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This is the improved script:

-- module:

local Object = {} -- Couldn't figure out what to call it
Object.__index = Object
Object.Nations = workspace.Nations

	local self = {}
    -- code
	return setmetatable(self, Object)

function Object:Destroy()

return Object

It would help if there was more code because I don’t know what this is for.

This is the serverscript I’m requiring it in if that helps

local object = require(game.ServerStorage.Object)

for _, country in ipairs(object.Nations:GetChildren()) do
	if country:IsA("Folder") then
		for _, province in ipairs(country.Provinces:GetChildren()) do
		countryIncome = 	country:WaitForChild("Income")
			countryIncome.Value = countryIncome.Value + 10