How could i make bullet drop?

So what i’m trying to achieve here is when a player shoots a gun the bullet will drop to the ground after it been shot (So basically gravity). I have had no luck with tutorials on Youtube.

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Assuming you have a renderstepped loop to move the bullet, and a Vector3 named bulletVelocity which determines the direction, you can do as such:

bulletVelocity -=, workspace.Gravity or CUSTOM_GRAVITY_VALUE, 0)

bulletPosition += bulletVelocity.Unit * BULLET_SPEED * deltaTime

Ok thanks, i will try this soon

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While we are at that, can you specify how you are handling bullet movement and collision detection so I can produce a more viable solution?


So basically i just want the bullet to travel as far as a normal bullet would irl, and also i do want the bullet to be able to collide.

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Actually nvm I understood ur question wrong :skull:, I thought that you wanted to make the bullet go down while you shoot.

Well now addressing your real question, you can prolly use TweenService to create a tween but then it will move in a straight line which kills the realism, so instead, you can use BezierCurves either by creating a module that makes BezierCurves yourself or using an existing one such as this which has tween support.

Kk tysm, ill try this just now

Try look -= grav and speed = look * 100. Grav is a unit vector. Look is the direction in which the bullet looks.

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Ok thanks i will try this aswell

There’s a very useful module out there which allows you to easily make bullet physics using raycasting.

I think that’s something you may be looking for :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you i’ll look into this