How could I make sitting animations

Hello everyone, I was wondering how I could make unique sitting animations like in the vibe train. I tried many scripts the one closest to working would play my animation then stop it right away. Please give a script with specific details because I am not a very experienced scripter.


Here is a video that might help you. I suggest you look up tutorials on youtube or searching up how to do this on google.

I tried that one, YouTube has not been a reliable source for me.

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Oh ok. I can try to find some more info on that. I’ll keep in touch with you. I am not the best scripter, but have you tried this? Specific seat animation - #3 by GeorgeOfAIITrades

Did you set the Animations Priority to Action? Because if an animation lower down, such as at Core, it won’t play over other animations

No I have not tried that, would you be kind enough as to tell me how to do that?

If you created the animations in the AnimationEditor plugin, there’s an option under the . . . which allows you to set the Animation priority.

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And the response to your question, I have I just wanted a updated version.

Unfortunately, I feel like to be honest that the script didn’t work in the first place

Also, this was the script I was using it would great if you could give me some pointers
local sitAnim = 4841260780
local seat = script.Parent
local playingAnim

local newAnim =‘Animation’)
newAnim.AnimationId = ‘rbxassetid://’…sitAnim

if property == ‘Occupant’ then
local occupant = seat.Occupant
if not occupant then if playingAnim then playingAnim:Stop() return end end
playingAnim = occupant:LoadAnimation(newAnim)

Do you get any errors in the output from this? And do you own the animation yourself?

I did make the animation myself, also, there are no errors in the output yet there are no successes

Do you think the problem is that I have multiple properties named “Script”? and if yes how could I change that?

That shouldn’t be an issue since you aren’t referencing a script in your code.

However, you said that it would play for a couple seconds then stop playing? Did you set the animation to loop?

Is the Script also placed inside the Seat so that it’s parent is the seat?

Yes I did set it to loop but now I just realized i think it just didn’t play at all. And yes I put the script inside the seat I believe. Also if it’s not the scripts problem it might be my animation