How could you make an fps framework (like the old phantom forces one)

i want to make my own fps framework but i cant really start because i dont know how.

Ive tried free model ones (no viruses) and see what makes it tick. Ive also looked through the old phantom forces framework but i cant understand it that well because there are so many locals and its just cluttered. Im not asking for a whole script just what would i need.


This post should be helpful.

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wat do u even see =) ?

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uhh so when i go to anyone’s profile, it takes me to their inventory

It’s happening to me too, no clue what’s causing it atm.

oh damn im havin exact same thig, so annoyin

i must go in incognito mode to see plr’s profile

its probably the BTR roblox plugin, I disabled it and the glitch went away


w o r d l i m i t

Like @IBuildXP said it has to do with BTR, just turn off embedded inventory in the settings. The glitch stops afterwards. Hope this helps!

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I found a tutorial that might help! Designing an FPS Framework: Beginner's guide