How could you make an fps framework (like the old phantom forces one)

uhh so when i go to anyone’s profile, it takes me to their inventory

It’s happening to me too, no clue what’s causing it atm.

oh damn im havin exact same thig, so annoyin

i must go in incognito mode to see plr’s profile

its probably the BTR roblox plugin, I disabled it and the glitch went away


w o r d l i m i t

Like @IBuildXP said it has to do with BTR, just turn off embedded inventory in the settings. The glitch stops afterwards. Hope this helps!

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I found a tutorial that might help! Designing an FPS Framework: Beginner's guide

ive read i just wanna make an fps framework from scratch

BTR is causing it… Try turning it off, it should fix it =)

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This is a very general question. You need to understand lua until you can make anything you want. It doesn’t take much to understand it unlike most languages. (since lua is beginner friendly).

There are many FPS frameworks tutorials on the dev forum. You should try and learn from them. Even if you can’t understand them just try and follow them.

ps i dont recommend using the old phantom forces framework