How did he stop the audio in a plugin?

im panicking, a plugin can play, stop, change the audio position for the selected audio, how could he do that… isnt soundservice:PlayLocalSound() limited??? i also tried looking at the source but it was kind of messy tho


plugin to prove i didnt just edit the video:

if anyone tells me how, you are a godsend

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Here are some Plugin API methods for sound playback:

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ive heard that those are locked to corescripts, is that true?


after i looked at the source again, i found something interesting

how??? when i tried it it didnt work, maybe depending on the audio parent?

Wait a minute… you’re scared of a plugin for doing what it says it does? Not only that, but it also is only playing a sound…

Also, plugin scripts have access to more than regular scripts (like for example changing the source)

this might sound wierd but with our current limitations, we can only play audio, not stop or change it’s position. So I’m wondering how did he do that

BTW this only affects plugins not games.

Just simply try to sound:Play() or sound:Stop(), none of that will work unless

SoundService:PlayLocalSound() which can only play sound without pausing it

Also, it can pause, change position of audio.

I’ve been looking for a way to do this for literally ages. I’ll look into the plugin code later and update this post.

Thanks for keeping me updated, it might be some hacky way though. If you managed to do it please send me the code

Yeah, my plugin RoSound really needs an audio-pause system, so this is extremely important.

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Agree, this is also very needed for my upcoming plugin.

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Maybe , I thought this, create a widget and .Enabled = false if not needed, create a frame in the widget and create the sound instance in the frame and :Play() then :Stop(), I think it will work

This is too hacky, whoever made this plugin is a legend of the Roblox limitations.


Cool idea, chances are it won’t work, but I’ll give it a go either way.

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Nothing to lose, we have to try it because when I looked at the plugin, the “sound” Instance is in the frame

Really! Hmm, that’s interesting. Yeah, that might actually work.

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Keep me updated if it works, I can’t test rn

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Sorry if I disturbed you but, did it work?

I can’t test right now. When I can, I’ll notify you.

Same, I guess we gotta be patient then

UPDATE: the creator of the plugin said his way and it’s exactly the same as mine, WOHOOOO IM excited

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