How do games achieve realism?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to achieve realism

  2. What is the issue? I just can’t get the realism I want

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far? I’ve tried putting all the lighting things in lighting


Realism is in my opinion something difficult to achieve when not exactly knowing how lightning works.

Some time ago Roblox made a “Baseplate 2021” template for when making games, this is in my opinion a great way to see how lightning works and even how to achieve realism.

But if you want to go your own way without templates, I recommend using Future or Shadowmap in the Lightning technology, and see Voxel as deprecated. Sun rays are a great way to get a part of realism. Just play with the settings.

Shadow softness is something I almost always put down to 0, it makes the shadow’s look “real”.
Having a bit more brightness (Like 3, do not go higher than that!) can do wonders.
Use a different skybox, the default “Classic Baseplate” is not the best for when making realism.
Insert some stuff you think is needed, play with the settings and look what fits for you.

And maybe the last tip I have, is to try to look outside on a sunny day, and try to replicate the lightning you see in Roblox Studio.

I wish you lots of luck!


Look up a lot of tutorials on youtube on how to get realistic lighting. Trust me they show you a lot of good tips and teach you how to make a good environment with lighting.

The lighting also really depends on what your scene is. If your scene is a nice summer day, you might want to add a slight yellow tint, some brighter sunrays etc…

If you’re using terrain in your scene I recommend making the colors of the terrain a bit darker. It makes them look more natural. Just try to avoid very bright colors at all costs.

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Have all aspects of your game complement each other so that they won’t disturb the atmosphere. This would be to make all your models by yourself and in a certain style along with these models fitting in with whatever you want to make for your game.

  • Ex: You wouldn’t put a rain forest tree model in a desert.
    This is pretty obvious but just make sure that what you are making would make sense if the game was a real setting.

Also, you may try this