How do I animate animals?

I am making an an aquarium but the thing is I dont know how to animate any tips on doing it

There is a built in animation editor in the Roblox Studio. Try using it, very simple to use, if you know how to animatine GIFs and stuff, it should be easy.

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it says i need to select a rig so am i not able to animate a whale?

It’s a saying, Do you see the light? Means do you get the thing you didn’t know how to do now.

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The rig is the thing you are trying to animate. Click on the whale and tell me if you can move his parts and animate him.

Is the whale a MeshPart? You can’t properly animate a Mesh without using bones and a full rig.

Also, bones aren’t even finished. You might have to make your own whale with parts.

What Jumbo means is that you can make your whale into a rig. This is an article about making custom rigs. You probably already know how to animate and this article explains how to add parts to a rig. I recommend searching some articles on custom rigs. Good luck!