How do i carry Player's?

I seen games like Rogue Lineage and Adopt Me have this feature. Where your able to carry player’s on your back or your arms. You can still do this while moving . And, i was wondering how they do this. The first thing that comes to mind is weld to do this. But, I still have some difficulties.


First, an animation. Second, weld the second players humanoidrootpart to the first players head. That should be all.


So humanoids with different network owners interacting physically would not yield consistent behavior. More likely what they did was make a clone of the player being carried, welded and all, and hiding the original body, probably parenting like replicated storage. To reverse destroy cloned body and move original body cloned position and reparent to workspace.


There is an easier way. Disable collisions between the characters and use BodyPosition to offset the character from the one holding it. That way there are no physical interactions between them as they don’t form a unique structure.


The way i did it just now is set the player that i’m carrying NetworkOwner to the me/the one carrying and it worked.

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I still have the same question. I am left wondering how, I know about the animations but now on how to get it into a script.

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Freeze the player.

Weld all of the character’s body parts to humanoidRootPart. Weld the humanoidRootPart to the player’s hand or wherever you want.

Hope this helps!