'how do I check if a model is fully in a hitbox / the players plot' question for a freind

I’m having a tough time helping a friend because I’m a bit dumb, he’s making a placement system for his game and needs to keep objects within the plot, the object can’t clip or be outside of the plot. The plot is represented by a hitbox (Part)

In a nutshell to be very clear:

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Try using Region3 and see if the part or model is in a hitbox.

To see if a part is fully within another, you could try checking if each corner of the part is within the given area. If any of them are outside, then the part is not fully within the area.

You could calculate these points using a script, or place attachments at each corner, and use the positions of those attachments.

You may search for solutions first before making a post.

I found this, i hope it solves your problem!
Check if a part is full inside another part

Sorry, We didn’t try searching for parts within parts. we searched for models within parts and found nothing useful. Thank you though.