How do I check if a user has a verification badge?

Roblox has recently released the new verification badge for popular users. I am working on a custom leaderboard system and i want to display whether a user has the badge or not. How do i achieve this cause i have not been able to find any function or property that can help me with this.

The badge i am referring to:


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Edit as of January 14th, 2023: There is now a built in property to check if someone has the verification badge:


The User Web API has a property to check if someone is verified.

See this endpoint:!/Users/post_v1_usernames_users

Copy and paste this the code below into the parameter value input:

  "usernames": [
  "excludeBannedUsers": true

The response should be this:

  "data": [
      "requestedUsername": "Temprist",
      "hasVerifiedBadge": true,
      "id": 9954703,
      "name": "Temprist",
      "displayName": "Temprist"
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I completely missed this api endpoint for whatever reason, thanks a lot!

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Sorry to somewhat bump, but there’s a much easier solution to this:


That property was added very recently.

At the time of this post, that property didn’t exist.

Ye I know, just for future people who ask the same question.