How do i convert CatalogID to TextureID?

I want to put a shirt asset on a MeshPart using a LocalScript, but im not sure how i could convert the shirt id to a texture id
I’ve tried using MarketplaceService but its not working
Here’s the script

		script.Parent.customizemenu.shirt.Text = "invalid, must be a number"
		script.Parent.customizemenu.shirt.Text = oldshirt
	local MPS = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
	local ye, Info = pcall(MPS.GetProductInfo, MPS, script.Parent.customizemenu.shirt.Text)

	if ye then
		if Info.AssetTypeId == 11 or Info.AssetTypeId == 13 then = string.format("rbxassetid://",Info.AssetId) = string.format("rbxassetid://",Info.AssetId)
			script.Parent.customizemenu.shirt.Text = "nice try but it isnt a shirt or a decal"			
		script.Parent.customizemenu.shirt.Text = "invalid id"
		script.Parent.customizemenu.shirt.Text = oldshirt

What is “Info.AssetId”? As in what ID specifically?

Info.AssetId is the shirt’s catalog id

As in what ID specifically?


ohh, its 382538059 sorry i didnt understand


Is the ID you’re looking for.

how would i do it using a localscript though
the id i sent is the one i used for testing
what im doing here is a system where you put the shirt id and then it’s going to be applied to a viewmodel

Insert a “Shirt”/“Pants” instance in studio and then paste the catalog ID into its “Template” property, the ID will be automatically updated into the corresponding asset ID.

send full script. I have a solution in mind but I can’t actually do it with out full code plz

You’re in luck, I researched this recently. If you own the asset then you can insert it with InsertService and read the .Texture property (or equivalent for shirts, I don’t know off the top of my head), if not then unfortunately you don’t really have a solution. There is no way to get it, but a potential workaround is to:

  • Subtract 1 from the CatalogID
  • Check if asset is created by the user setting the decal
  • If yes, then use that
  • If no, then repeat the above

There is sadly not a proper method for this, but in the meantime you can support this feature request for it. In future please use the search feature, as there are a lot of topics similar to this.


Thanks for the help! I thought there was an actual method for every shirt, this helped me alot.