How do I enable angle brackets: < and >?

Hello! I’m trying to find a way to enable angle brackets in my game, is it possible to do so, or are they permanently removed from usage because of the Release Notes for 402?


Is this a thing? Not sure what you mean.
I’ll assume you’re talking about the old camera controls. With the old system you could
also use PgUp & PgDn for a forward / backward rotate, so maybe look into that as well.


What is angle brackets ? Can you explain more

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Could you explain more in depth of what you would like to accomplish? It will help us to better understand your situation here.

There are already some threads asking this question, please, try to search before posting:


Apologies for not responding earlier, angle brackets (< >) just turn the camera 45 degrees when you press them.

Ah, my bad, I couldn’t find any results before hand. I am still relatively new to this (despite being here for a year) and I don’t know my way around this place.