How do i export a roblox model to separated parts?

Hello everyone!

Recently i was testing the export selection feature (wich exports roblox models to OBJ models), but i have some problems with it.

Basically i want to get my mesh separated it the parts that it were made.

Like this:


Or to be specific…

As you can see, the model when its exported, it looks separated in parts.
And i want to do the same with my model.

Yes, i searched how to do this on youtube, in the devforum, the devhub, the blog, and the wiki!
No answer…

How do i replicate this?

Thank you!

Export each part separately.

But that could take a lot of time (re-positioning them, moving them, etc)
Is there a way to export the model directly separated?

If you export them as obj they inherit position data so you wouldn’t need to reposition them.

Well, this is the only solution so far :man_shrugging:

One other possible solution I can think of is selecting all the parts within the group (not the group itself) and exporting them at once. Though I haven’t tried this before.

I think it doesn’t works, i have tried it with a ungrouped model.

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have you tried importing as seperate objects

I just imported every object per separated, not the entire model as separate objects.
@TheSkullCrafter1 How you do it?

I have exported each object (one by one) separately inside the model, then put all the parts together inside a blender model (obj)

Do plugins have access to exporting OBJ files? I want to see if what I had in mind would work.

@AbsurdBartholomew I think yes…