How do I fetch the player's created clothes, like in the game 'PLS DONATE'?

I’m planning on making a game simliar to PLS DONATE but no matter what I try I can’t find a way to get the clothing (shirts or pants) that the player has created, do any of you know how it would be possible to do that?

I haven’t ran into any specific issues as I don’t even know what to try to achieve this.

I tried looking on the Dev Forums to see if anyone had a similiar issue, however I found no results, I also looked at all the functions of MarketplaceService, none seem to help.

If you don’t know, “PLS DONATE” is a game where players can claim a booth and people buy shirts from them, the player doesn’t have to insert the ID of the shirt, the game automatically does it for them which is the thing I am trying to achieve and having problems with.


This has been asked somewhat regularly recently with the introduction of that game.


What @Forummer said, but maybe you want to try creating an original game instead of copying one already out there?

Don’t worry, I am not trying to copy that game, I’m making a game that’s a lot different but I was still curious on how someone would be able to do this.

Oh, ok I just thought you were trying to copy it because you said: