How do I get a GUI to look like this?


I’m not sure if this is the right catergory but I wan’t to make a gui look like this:
________________Like this.

Is the anyway possible to achieve that?


I believe it’s a sliced image which uses a rounded rectangle or square as the base.

When trying to replicate the icon myself I came to the conclusion it’s size is 32x32 to 40x40 pixels for my display.

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there are plugins on it to use like roundify I think that’s 1

You can use UICorner which rounds the corners of UI objects, change the color and the transparency, and voila.


you should use topbar+ (plugin)

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If you want to replicate the Roblox Topbar UI, you could either:
Get Topbar+
Manually implement everything yourself.


I got a question… How would I script the gui I made in Topbar+?

If you need the documentation for Topbar+, you can follow the link to the Github Page site hosted on ForeverHD’s Github account.

If you have some knowledge of scripting, you should be able to find out how to write code with this to script Topbar components.

Ooh, Yes I’m pretty good at scripting, I thought it was different - thanks.

Oh also, if anyone was wonder, its here:


It’s inside Players > Player > PlayerGui.