How do i get glue to work

I’m trying to make it so when the thing hits the bricks it breaks, and i am using glue to hold it together, but the glue is acting like welds. Shouldn’t it break when the thing hits it at high speed? I am using :MakeJoints() or else it falls apart. and its also very laggy for some reason


I saw a post here on the DevForum that could probably teach you how to do your thing:

It does despawn the parts though, maybe you would want to fix that. Tell me if it still doesn’t work.

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i dont really understand what that is for or what it does

It breaks the parts when a player or another part hits them.

Have you tried anchoring your main colourful blocks?

That script puts the breaker script into every single part of the object, that would lag the game very badly if I wanted to put it into a tower.

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why would I anchor something I want physics to work on

do you want to do it so that once the block hits the wall the wall falls down?

Have you tried unanchoring them so they won’t stick together when it’s interacted with another block?

i cant unachor it or it will fall apart. the point of surface glue is like a weld but under enough stress the glue breaks

i want to make a tower and if you crash something into it the tower collapses, but when i use welds the entire tower just falls down and everything is intact except that its on its side

Glue has never really worked properly and roblox doesn’t support it now.

Glue used to work in a somewhat similar way to what you mentioned - it would loosely hold parts together and let them flex under stress (I think they would break off if stressed enough too, but I can’t remember if that was actually the case). However, it has been deprecated for years now, so now it just functions as a weld surface.

dont use welds at all and dont anchor them test it to see if it works. it should work