How do I get my UI to be constrained?


I am making a Roblox hangout game and for some reason whenever I change the screen size the emotes panel does not move with it. For some reason I cannot make the custom chat cover the full screen either. Do you know how I can make the UI constrained?
HangoutGame.rbxl (1.1 MB)

There is a plugin about it. I think its like GUI Constraint or im not sure. Basically how to use it is you just select the GUI u want to fix, stay on a normal/decent size of your screen and click the plugin button. It will create a constraint that’ll keep your gui the same no matter the size of your screen.


I can’t seem to find the plugin. Do you have a link?

You can actually just add a UIAspectRatioConstraint to the UI object.

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Your download isnt working so im not exactly sure of what your issue is, im assuming that it’s a scaling problem.
You need to convert the UI’s size and position value to scale instead of offset, an easy way you can do this is with a plugin by @ZacBytes,

Hangout Game.rbxl (1.1 MB)
Does this work? I can’t seem to find out how to work the plugin. Sorry I am a noob at UI design :no_mouth:.

I think the download is an issue on my end, could you upload it to something like streamable if it’s a video or lightshot of its a screenshot then link it here?

Also, to use the plugin you just have to open the unit conversion page, click what you need scaled then click the two “scale” buttons.

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See, when I change it this happens.

That’s because its not in scale, use the autoscale plugin on it.

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Set the UI’s Anchor Point to 1,1 (for this side of the screen specifically) and follow the advice from the other users in this thread of using a UDim2’s Scale property to determine the position of your UI element.

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I have not tried this but if I do and it works I will mark as solution.