How do I go about getting a players account visits?

Hello, im making a hangout game and I want to get the players place visits like in “Flex Your Account Age”. I know it has to do with API or HTML so I have no idea where to start. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hope this works for ya :smiley:

I already have the player account age, but I want to know how to get there Place Visits instead.

this should work :smiley:

I dont want the Visits on the game, but I want the Visits the Players account has. Like the amount of Visits THERE games made.

Ok that should work scroll to the bottom and you will find the code for it

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I have tried it but it seems to be erroring “Bad Request” on this line

local gamesData = httpService:GetAsync(gamesUrl .. "/"..player.UserId.."/games?accessFilter=Public&sortOrder=Asc&limit=100")

How would I fix this?

Check your game settings - Security and check if http requests is on

It is on, it still errors Bad Request.

You’re calling a Roblox API with HttpService which isn’t allowed. You must use a ProxyService to connect to a Roblox API.

View under Restrictions, bullet two.

So how would I make it just one?