How do I import textured models from blender?

Hey guys,

So I have a textured model in blender that I would like to import into Roblox. However, when I put it in Roblox, the texture does not show up. How can I make the texture show up? I am exporting as .fbx



Try importing as an OBJ, and if the texture doesn’t appear then upload it as a decal and place it in the textureID

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I’ve explained on the forums before that .fbx and .obj file types do not export with texture data compatible with Roblox (with exception of .fbx and vertex painting, also the .mtl or Material file type isn’t supported by Roblox). If you want to upload a texture for a Meshpart, you must first upload it as a Decal, and apply the TextureId from the Decal to the MeshPart.

It’s not intuitive, I know :upside_down_face:

Edit as of Feb 9, 2023 - Roblox now supports uploading textures with Meshparts and has for a couple years. It’s not as intuitive and it’s usually still best to upload the texture as it’s own asset, but I wanted to clarify that tools have changed since this post was made :slight_smile:


Are you sure? I’ve uploaded meshes with textures quite a few times and never had to upload it as a decal seperately. Studio finds the texture that’s linked to the mesh and uploads it with it.

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I’ve heard of this but could never get it to work and assumed it was changed. Can you replicate and get back to me? Because every method I tried, failed :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean by: “upload it as a decal”?

Upload the texture through the website: Create -> Decals -> Upload

My made my model using materials,now how do I make it a texture?

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Can someone help me? Whenever I try to upload my .obj mesh as a decal, it says it must to be a .png, .jpg, .tga, or .bmp file

You do not upload the OBJ as a decal as that is a mesh. You need to upload the textures as a decal meaning you need an image that is unwrapped to upload as a png, jpg, tga, or bmp. The obj you can upload directly into the game.