How do I leave comments?

I tend to see myself only leaving a 2 word reply in scripting support. However it says that I need to at least reply with 20 words. Is there a way to “comment” someone like something you would see on the scripting helpers website? Or do I just need to make my response longer?


Your responses have to be at least 30 characters long if you are replying to a post or posting something.


2 word reply? idk, that’s really short. You just have to make your post longer. What are you trying to reply in scripting support? “thank you”? If that’s the case, then just mark it as a solution or heart it.


I’m not sure why you’re only replying with two words - but most people just do something like “Wow thats so great! (30 Charrsssssss)” to bypass it.

May I ask what your replying with that’s two words long


A reply with 2 words?

We have the like function for a reason. Use that if you are going to say ‘Thank you!’, or ‘Thanks!’.

You can say whatever you were gonna say then at the bottom add a blur spoiler and put “30 characters” or something like that

Most likely Short replays the reply has to be atleast 30 letters So if you wrote 2 words you can always add (30 characters) in the end

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If your having an error with replying to a post, you should just add more to it. The minimum characters to post a reply is that so that you have something to add to the post that is meaningful, or simply has context to it.

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Generally, if a reply is only 2 words, it doesn’t add anything significant to the topic, and will most likely be removed and your account will be warned.
Saying posts like for example:

  • Rip (30characterssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss)
  • Lol (30charsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss)
  • Thank you so much! (30 chars 30 chars)
  • Thanks! (30 characters 30 30 30)

is prohibited as per the forum rules, every reply needs to add something significant. If you want to thank someone, just use the Like button.

No, not like that. Like mentioned above, if the forum is preventing you from replying due to not meeting the minimum character limit that is likely to prevent low-quality posts. 100% of the time, your <30 character reply can be a like instead.

Although annoying, you’re supposed to use the like button for that.

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I’m sure there are certain situations where a 2 worded response is fine to use, and doesn’t need a heart. For example, imagine this scenario: a developer on the devfourm asks me specifically for how to write a short post. I tell him -

Like this

30 Characters

My post is both relevant to the discussion, and short. I provided a solution to his problem yet kept my post short. Now, how he applies this knowledge may be against the devfourm TOS, but when I used it, I didn’t break any rules. My post maintained relevance while being short.