How do i load an animation onto a tool

So I made an animation, the animation includes me holding the tool straight forward when I equip the tool. But when I load the animation it only loads on the player and not the tool, how do I load an animation onto the tool.

How is the tool connected to the player?

I think just through the handle

In a case like that, the tool handle is attached to right hand using a weld I believe. You can set a specific grip and then move the hand with the animation and the tool will move with it. But the grip pos/rot won’t change relative to the hand.

If you connect the tool to the hand using a motor6D joint then you can animate the tool as well. Just like if it was a finger on the right hand.

In both these ways you don’t need to load an animation on a separate animator you can just use the character’s animator.

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so like if I were to want to do something like a reload animation with the tool I would have to connect the tool to the hand with a motor6D joint?

It would be the easiest way probably. Depending on what exactly happens during the reload.

but how would I do that with the handle? do I have to make a motor6D joint every time a player equips the tool?

Yeah you would have to create and attach the joint when the tool is equipped.

ok thank you i’ll try that later

preferably create it on the server.

In some research I found a community tutorial, I think this will help me (and others if they look at this topic in the future)

also, if you want a great tool grip editor without having to manually do it (bummer), then use this plugin:

CloneTrooper1019’s Tool Grip Editor

or just build it yourself from github, whatever is cool.

extremely useful plugin, highly recommend to use if you ever are trying to position a Tool’s ToolGrip! i use this plugin all the time!