How do I make a Build a boat for tresure like welding system?

So for my game I need a Build A Boat For Treasure like welding system or more like:
Screenshot (12)
But I don’t know how.

It would be nice if anyone could help me


When a part is touching another part, then create a weld.

Yeah but how would i get the touching part?

I would use :GetTouchingParts() either when the player places a part or when they load in their ‘boat’.

It doesn’t weld it. The Table that I created with touching parts is also empty
Heres the code even tho that you propably don’t need it:

for i, v in pairs(Plot.Build:GetDescendants()) do
		if v:IsA("BasePart") then
			local touch = v.Touched:Connect(function() end)
			local touching = v:GetTouchingParts()
			for i, _v in pairs(touching) do
				local Weld ="Weld", v)
				Weld.Part0 = v
				Weld.Part1 = _v
			v.Anchored = false

My bad, it turns out that :GetTouchingParts() is deprecated. Try this:

I used workspace:GetPartsInPart and the table is still empty

I got it working by doing a bit wierd method but it works:

  • Get the BoundingSize
  • Create Temporary Hitbox
  • Get Parts in Hitbox
  • Weld