How do I make a dashboard that appears under the screen.(and it fits)

I haven’t made the script.
I want to make sure how should I place the dashboard at the bottom of the screen without using ViewportFrame(Because there will be no glowing effects)

Video example:
Power Drive 2000 Retro racing game.

A dashboard as in, a car dashboard? (Assuming it’s a car dashboard) Wouldn’t it be easier to just fit that into the interior of a car model and then put the player into first person rather than go through the bother of making viewport frames etc?

Yes it’s a car dashboard. You can see the video and you’ll know what I mean.
There is no interior by the way.

Ohh my bad, I didn’t see the link but i see what you mean now:

You will want to do the following:

  1. Make the viewport itself in startergui, Scale it according to how big you want the dashboard to be.
  2. Once you have the dashboard model too, you will want to have a cameraobject that is facing it directly in the center at eye-level, You can do that by script as follows:
local Dashboard = workspace.DashBoard
local Cam ="Camera")

Cam.CFrame =,0,-5), Dashboard.CFrame)
--Inside of ToObjectSpace() you might need to tweak the X or the Z values because
--I don't know how your dashboard is oriented.
  1. Once that is done, you simply set the ViewportFrame the parent of the Dashboard model and then you set the “CurrentCamera” to this newly made Camera.
local ViewportFrame = script.Parent.ViewportFrame
local Dashboard = workspace.DashBoard
local Cam ="Camera")

Cam.CFrame =,0,-5), Dashboard.CFrame)
Dashboard.Parent = ViewportFrame
ViewportFrame.CurrentCamera = cam

Not all the script might work btw, i just made this up on the spot so if there’s any errors / problems, let me know.

I said that I need a non-viewport one. Or else the dashboard will be very plain.(An unusual lighting will occur.) Or maybe the screen doesn’t matters will much you can see?

I am so sorry, I skimmed over all of that…
Here’s a module that will let you do all that: Module3D V6.1 (ViewportFrame Implementation)

Just check out the API, You just want to create the frame (not a viewportframe, a normal frame) before-hand then you will want to attach the object to the frame using the API; That’s the basic way of doing it, You will also want again to tweak settings and check out the API fully so you can get the best results of what you’re trying to achieve.