How do I make a full screen gui fit on all devices?

I’m trying to make a game that is made using gui to interact with while testing different computer sizes i notice that part of the baseplate was still visible. Is there any way to fix this?

here are some photo to help understand more.

(my studio look)

(the average laptop)

I think this answers your question.

go to size then hit the pop down of and and y and make the offset 0 on both then manually size the ui :smiley:

Chamge the size using scale (1,0),(1,0) means full screen

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What do you mean by that? He is using the offset method, not the scale method which most people use.

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making the offset 0 and making the scale 1 will make it fit all devices

Yes, that is true, you did not even mention it in your post. So what do you mean? You only said makr offset 0. And manually size the ui, which could be telling him to use the offset again.


There’s a plugin called AutoScale. It’s very useful, and what you do is clicking on the thing you want to size, open up the AutoScale plugin, and click the scale option.
The scale option will make it fit on all devices and will solve your problem in a simple click.

Have a good day!

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this plugin isnt doing anything at all to me

Are you selecting the frame (or whatever you want to scale) and clicking scale?

There’s some YouTube tutorial about using it. Check’em out.

I got it to work but but HD 1080 looks like this, everything else works fine now