How do I make a game like this?

Hi I wanted to try and make a gamemode where you jump over a spinner but I’m not sure on how to make it work and with no lag

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Not sure what you are trying to ask but… you script it???

Any spinning objects don’t cause even the slightest harm to performance and you can even do it without scripting.

For round systems, they are complicated to me as my round system scripts tend to break because of the broken logic. You could look at some YouTube or DevForum Community tutorials though.

Hey, im a scripter/builder/modeler. This seems like a cool game. It looks like wipeout and a game i would enjoy co owning if you ever think of making such a game.

I guess I should’ve been more descriptive
How do I make it so the spinner rotates around a point smoothly?

You’ll want to rotate the CFrame of the obstacle around a pivot (in this case the center pole). I think this post will help you: Rotate around a pivot using CFrame - #2 by ChickenBagelz

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