How do I make a party system

Hey, devs!

What do I do to make a party system?
This is like when you invite players, they join your party and their body is marked on the game and the mark disappears when they leave the party.
(only players inside the party can see the mark)

If you didn’t understand what I just said you could look at this game called Parkour it has its party system and you might get what I’m talking about.

And if you STILL don’t understand it please message me.

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First off, have you attempted this? Here on the DevForum are not supposed to make full systems for you just help you with yours. If you haven’t attempted this yet then please try it and come back here if you need help or don’t understand something. Also if you haven’t attempted this and you need some pointers, just ask for that first. Now, if you have attempted this, please show your attempt (like the code and anything else you think will be needed for us to help)

No, I haven’t tried this yet I’m currently finding out ways on how to do it

:person_facepalming: I’ll do the googling for you I guess…

Next time please do the googling yourself!!


Thank you so much for this but I’ve already found these before and most of them don’t seem to help me so ill try figuring them out for myself

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tbh the how to vids really help and it will help me a lot with building and helping other people ty

The videos show you how to make a party system, you just have to tweak it to suit your own needs :slight_smile:

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